The UBC Baristi Roster:
Heather Perry
Greg Suekoff
Kelvin Huang
Kyoung woo Kim
Mike Love
Ms. Sena Lee
Courtney Preuss
Roman Kantola
Mike Richardson
Young min Lee
Alekseeva Veronika
Lorenzo Perkins
Mr. Um tae Jin
Kelly Qian
Sean Marshall
David Buehrer
Eleyna Goracheva
Ecky Prabanto
Hu Sai
Arianto Aref Sulaman (Billiy)
Wang Bei Qi
Ekaterina Kostenko

Heather Perry - Ultimate Barista 2006 - 2011

Heather's career in coffee began at the early age of 10 as her father roasted beans. Today she holds the position as Director of Training and Consulting at Coffee Klatch Roasting located in San Dimas, California, where she participates in cupping, roasting and espresso blend development. The Belle Espresso Blend received high marks of 94 from noted coffee cupper Ken Davids.

Heather has been a competition barista since 2002 with her entry into the NABC. Heather's professional titles include 2 time championships (2007 & 2003)at the US National Championships and four time regional champion since 2004. Heather represented the USA in the World Barista Championship 2003 vying with 36 countries for Champion. She has also participated as a champion calibration barista in Costa Rica national championship and been featured in many magazines. Thus far, Heather has traveled to China and several locations in the USA as one of only two so far, Ultimate Barista USA. When not competing, Heather enjoys visiting with friends over coffee and living the good life in Southern California.

Heather may be reached at, or visit her website

Greg Suekoff
Red Rock Coffee House, Sedona, Arizona
Barista Trainer
Professional USA Competitive Barista & Latte Art Competitor

What started as a part time job in high school has turned into a life long obsession. I began by slinging coffee at a kiosk in a shopping mall over ten years ago. Since then I have been working in cafes in the Mid Atlantic region as well as in north Florida. The coffee business is dynamic, the more time I spend educating myself and sharpening my skills as a barista, the more I discover there is still much to learn. This is both exciting and humbling. I have competed the local free pour Latte art competitions making it to the finals in 2002. I received the Zen Master award in 2006 for creative drink recipes. I currently work at Red Rock Coffee House in Sedona, Arizona as a Retail Manager and Barista trainer.

Kelvin Huang - Ultimate Barista China 2007 - 2011

After graduated from University in 2002, I started my career as a sales manager at JASCAFFE China, working on sales of Coffee-making instrument and the coffee beans.

In 2003, the first ever China Barista Championship was held in China, I took a part in out of curiosity, and unexpectedly, I won the Second Place.

Since then my view to coffee has been changed. I started to learn about all theories and knowledge on coffee-making through all kinds of books, exhibitions etc. And finally I became the Champion in the China National Barista Championship 2005, and also participated in the International Barista Championship in Seattle, WA USA 2005. This journey has very much inspired me, helped me understand more about the trend of development on international coffee market.

When I got back to China, I went on with the coffee sales work and became Barista Consultant to a few coffee shops. And in 2006, I competed in the T&C World Cup Asia Latte Art Championship in Shanghai 2006 and won a second Championship of my life.

Right now I'm working on opening a BARISTA Coffee Training School which will formally start soon. My goal on this field is to give all cafes in China their best coffee makers they need, and ensure each single coffee consumer enjoys a cup of perfect coffee. I am also involved with E-Best Coffee at the Service Shanghai Service Co., Ltd.

Kyoung woo Kim
Team CIIC (Caffe Italiano in Corea)
Dynamic Trading Co, Ltd.
Former Bartender
2007 UBC Korea Champion - Espresso Cocktail Challenge
2008 Guest Ultimate Barista / UBC Korea for the Espresso Cocktail & Espresso Frappe Showcase event in New York City at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

Mike Love
Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown, New York
Owner & Roaster
UBC Professional Barista 2007 - 2011
2010 New York City Showdown Overall Points Champion
Former Chef for 15 years.

I train all of my Baristi. I take great pride in the fostering the passion of the craft and skill. It also gives me a place to show off the passion I have as an Owner, Roaster, Barista. As an owner I have to know what makes everything tick in my shop. As a roaster the pursuit of quality coffee is my passion, always searching out the best beans, As a Barista I'm able to extract all of these attributes behind the bar. Enabling me to truly express the artistry in the specialty coffee industry. Therefor I feel that my skills as a Barista are more than worthy enough to challenge the Ultimate Baristi. The opportunity to participate in this event is an honor. As well as the importance to bring my staff and customers a win.

Sena Lee - Ultimate Barista Korea

Professional barista at FGF BonaSera in Seoul, South Korea. Champion in the 2007 UBC China Espresso Frappe Challenge in Shanghai at the FHC (Food & Hospitality China) show.

Mr. Um tae Jin Team CIIC

2008 UBC Korea Qualifying Champion in Espresso Cocktail/2008 UBC China Champion in Espresso Cocktail / Seoul, South Korea.

Kelly Qian

2008 UBC China Espresso Frappe & Latte Art Champion FHC Shanghai. Milan Gold Barista Trainer - Beijing, China.

Sean Marshall
2009 Espresso Frappe Champion - Dallas, TX
2009 Overall Points Champion - Dallas, TX
2009 Best of Brew Finalist - Dallas, TX
2009 Overall Points Champion - Orlando, FL
2010 UBC NYC Showdown Best of Brew Champion- New York, NY

I am a barista at Catalina Coffee in Houston, Texas, and I've been a barista in the specialty industry for about 4 years now. I just recently started my own roasting company called Fusion Beans, and I'm loving every minute of it. I am the owner of Fusion Beans in Webster, Texas.

Hu Sai

Lead Barista & Training Manager
Hope Star
Pudong, China
Shanghai Airport
2010 Espresso Cocktail Champion at the FHC Shanghai

David Buehrer

Head Barista/Owner of Tuscany Coffee, in Houstonšs Greenway Plaza. Coffeegeek by nature, focusing on quality and values in our sector. Very passionate about the awareness of quality in Southwest Region of America, as well as creating a coffee community in Texas.

2009 Espresso Cocktail Champion in Dallas, TX

Courtney Preuss

Mike Richardson

Arianto Aref Sulaman (Billiy)

Young min Lee

Wang Bei Qi (Senpai Education Bakery Coffee Western College)

Ekaterina Kostenko - Ultimate Barista Russia Latte Art Champion

Alekseeva Veronika - Ultimate Barista Russia

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